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Aromatherapy Pen Set With "Focus and Clarity" Oil

Aromatherapy Pen Set With "Focus and Clarity" Oil

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This unscented, fine-tip refillable ballpoint pen is rubber coated for a soft, luxurious feel. Enjoy it as a beautiful pen or add essential oil for a sweet-smelling writing experience!

This set includes a 5 ml bottle of "Focus and Clarity" essential oil, made with a blend of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, champa & neroli in a base of jojoba. Simply remove the stainless steel filigree cap and add essential oil to one of the 5 cotton wicks provided, place the wick inside, and re-thread the cap. This set includes:

1 unscented pen with black ink refill inside

1 five ml bottle of Focus and Clarity essential oil

5 reusable cotton wicks

1 fine-tip ballpoint ink refill

1 black velvet carrying pouch

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